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A “just friends” Viagra?

The holidays are barreling down on me, and things are wrapping up from now until sometime in late December for my ddn activities, so I figured I’d just drop in quickly (and hopefully drop in for a few short posts here and there during the “off time” just in case you’re visiting).

So, I saw this story today on the possible therapeutic effects of Ecstasy (the recreational drug, that is, not the feeling you get thinking a  lot about Halle Berry or George Clooney…depending on gender or sexual orientation), and I find myself both intrigued and flabbergasted.

Intrigued, because the potential value for treating people with post-traumatic stress disorder, autism, schizophrenia would be fantastic if the research bears fruit.

On the other hand, I’m flabbergasted (or perhaps just wary and concerned) about the treatment of “inability to socialize.” I’m not saying this isn’t a serious issue and a potential problem for quality of life, but I worry. Because I remember how Viagra came around (and its successors and peers thereafter) to help men with erectile problems, and then it became something to be used recreationally by many to simply give them more…endurance, shall we say?

I’m not sure I like the idea of taking Ecstasy into the realm of dealing with socialization issues among people who probably just need some good counseling to figure out how to interact with people and make friends. But, as with so many medications, if it ends up going mainstream and prescription-grade, it will likely soon move from being for a select group of people who really, really need it to being purchased en masse by people who simply want it or think they need it when there are better answers.

It’s not a new dynamic, of course, but it is still a worrying thought.

I’m sure there some sort of pill I can head to the pharmacy and get to deal with that feeling.


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