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Trying to make Alzheimer’s merely a bad memory

Our very own chief editor Amy Swinderman had a very nice editorial regarding Alzheimer’s disease for our October issue, which you can read by clicking here. Don’t worry, it’ll open up in a new tab or window, so I’ll be waiting for you when you’re done.

OK, you’re back? Great.

Alzheimer’s disease poses one of the biggest potential healthcare crises going, particularly in places like the United States, where a huge Baby Boom population is entering into the risk years for age-related dementias, of which Alzheimer’s may be the single most terrifying to them and their children (and grandchildren).

So, there is little doubt you’ll be seeing a lot about the disease in ddn magazine, as companies and other organizations delve into the research and commercialization of therapies and diagnostics; in our ddn Online e-newsletter, which will feature a “Bench Press” article on Oct. 27 on some Alzheimer’s research and will continue to highlight the disease frequently thereafter; and here at this blog, where we need stuff to talk about and oh, there is so much to talk about with diseases like this, both good and bad.

In the meantime, here are some of our October 2010 issue articles (in their online form) dealing with Alzheimer’s-related items:

New chapter for neurodegenerative diseases unfolds

An ounce of prevention

Anavex taps CROs for Alzheimer’s program

Plus, you can click here or a blog post from the recently launched Harvard Health Blog to give you some additional commentary, insights and leads regarding Alzheimer’s disease.


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