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Snip, snip, snip…

Well, seems another round of layoff is coming. Wonder which other Big Pharma types we’ll hear are laying off thousands, reorganizing, etc.? All these stories hit the wires in just the past day or two.

Pfizer Inc. to close UK research site

BBC News — Pharmaceuticals group Pfizer is to close its research and development (R&D) facility in Kent, which employs 2,400 people.

Pfizer Inc. to lay off 1,100 in Connecticut

UPI — U.S. pharmaceutical giant Pfizer said Tuesday it would lay off 1,100 workers from its Groton, Conn., campus as part of a cost-cutting program.

(Though in the “good news” category, the company is adding 350 Jobs in Massachusetts)

Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals streamlines healthcare operations

Pharma Times — Bayer is putting in place measures which it claims will cut down on administration and promote innovation. The German group’s pharmaceutical business, previously Bayer Schering Pharma, will operate as a division called Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals under the leadership of Andreas Fibig, and its headquarters will remain in Berlin.

(Whenever I hear the word “steamline,” I figure it will soon be followed by “layoff” or “rightsizing”)


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