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Laying down the law

Here at ddn, there have been some notable times when we’ve covered a big merger and acquisition-style story and just as we’ve put the issue to bed, and sent it off to the printer, something major changes in the negotiations, motivations or suitors for the company in question. As such, we’ve started to ask ourselves how early in the process of such transactions do we want to start covering them. Along with that, once they seem to be reaching a climax or conclusion, how long do we wait before reporting on it?…just to make sure…

Granted, that’s become less of an issue with our increasing use of the blog and the website to handle breaking news in a way that the monthly print publication cannot. Still, one doesn’t want to look silly with reporting that has been rendered moot or incorrect printed in four-color glory in tens of thousands of hard copies that cannot be changed, without an army of elves wielding white-out and really tiny pens.

All that is by way of me saying that lawsuits are even worse to cover in a monthly publication, and maybe that’s why you don’t see them covered very often in ddn. Depending on the district, judge, litigants and defendants, it often plays out like a ping-pong match between two people who’ve just taken a dose of Ambien.

And even when there’s a ruling, it might get turned over or held up weeks later on an appeal. It all gets very frustrating to cover and, worse yet, almost never will any of the companies involved speak on the record (or at all) until they have a definitive victory.

So, in short, they are boring.


I still think there is value in covering them (as long as you keep it short and can readjust quickly to changes), and I see today some breaking news that Life Technologies has a new company to sue (AB Sciex). I’m sure Illumina or one of the other big guys will find a new victim to drag into court again soon, too, so I’ve decided to keep tabs on some of the big cases here in the blog, even though they may not make for big posts. So, we have yet another new category here for your reading pleasure: Lawsuits and Legal Matters.

As you can probably guess from the name, there may not only be lawsuit coverage gut also the occasional overflow here from the Government Watch section of ddn, in which we often cover state and federal legislation and other legal topics.

Stay tuned. It’ll be fun, I promise (you can trust me; I have my right hand on a stack of Mad magazines)


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