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Season’s mergings

So, I just finished writing one of my articles for the January issue, which is on the Johnson & Johnson and Crucell acquisition bid for Crucell. As I noted in the blog (here), one of the sticking points in the M&A journey for these two companies has been the opinion of the second-largest shareholder, Van Herk Groep, that J&J just isn’t offering a satisfactory per-share price in its bid.

Well, in the few months that have passed since the two companies told everyone they were courting, there have been some manufacturing problems at a Crucell plant in South Korea that were bad enough to affect third-quarter earning and year-end projections.

However, J&J went ahead with a formal acquisition bid earlier this month, and didn’t lower its offer a single penny.

Now, one can only speculate whether Van Herk has still been holding to its opinion that J&J is being a Scrooge. After all, I haven’t heard anything so far that’s made me think their collective minds have changed. And I don’t know how much they think is fair…

…but one wonders whether Van Herk will view this bid as a holiday gift (no change despite manufacturing problems), or still keep looking for a bigger box under the tree for itself.

At least I wonder.

Seasons greetings, everyone, belatedly to those who’ve already celebrated their respective holidays and proactively to everyone else. And let’s hope for a Happy New Year in pharma, whether J&J and Crucell tie the knot in February or not.


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